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The goal of Zona Taxi is to provide a high quality taxi service for its customers on a reasonable price level. We are aspired to win the trust of our customers with polite, customized, high level taxi service provided by our well qualified and experienced colleagues and by applying a fair tariff rate.

In order to provide high quality taxi service Zona Taxi employs drivers only with considerable professional experience and outstanding knowledge of the city. Zona Taxi’s employees are always properly dressed and are readily and politely at our customers disposal.

Our modern vehicle-fleet is in perfect condition which assures the convenient and safe transportation of our passengers. Our taxi service meets the high requirements of today’s market by effecting our orders using modern, convenient, air-conditioned, GPS-equipped vehicles with exclusive appearance.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers we classified our vehicles in categories:

  • Category „A”: this class contains convenient, high category executive cars with large inside space and well-dressed drivers (shirt, tie), e.g. Audi A6, A8; BMW 5-7; Chevrolet Epica; Ford Mondeo III-IV; Mercedes S class, E211; Opel Insignia, C Vectra; Peugeot 406; Renault Laguna; Skoda Superb; Toyota Avensis new; VW Passat;

  • Category „B”: this class contains compact executive cars like: Audi A4; BMW 3; Chevrolet Lacetti; Ford Focus; Mercedes E210; Opel Omega, B Vectra; Skoda Octavia I.

Our minibuses play an important role in the transportation, they can carry 5 to 8 people; the types of these cars are e.g. Mercedes Vito, Opel Vivaro, VW Sharan, Ford Galaxy, Opel Zafira, Renault Megane Scenic.

The car pool of Zona Taxi is monitored by the Ethical Committee of the company. It examines the vehicles’ technical and aesthetic condition, the work and appearance of the taxi drivers and the observance of the arrival times.

Our high standard service also provides POS terminals in most of our vehicles, our customers can pay by various types of credit cards in our taxis like MasterCard, AMEX, VISA card, etc.

The arrival times of the Zona Taxis to the required address in the city is 2 to 15 minutes considering an average day traffic; on Liszt Ferenc International Airport Terminal 1: is 4-5 minutes, at Terminal 2: 1-2 minutes in towns around Budapest (Pest county): 15 to 30 minutes. These arrival times can decrease in the night traffic.

The infrastructure of our dispatcher center is well-equipped with the most up-to-date technology, this ensures effective communication with the customers, and quick but at the same time accurate taking of the orders.

Our dispatchers’ and telephone operators’ knowledge of the city is also on a high level, they have excellent communication skills, many years of „taxi-experience” and they speak foreign languages. Continuous trainings assure that the staff is able to meet the changing requirements of the market and that we are able to satisfy the expectations of our customers.

In order to avoid long waiting times for the taxi caused by the more and more frequently and intensively experienced traffic chaos in Budapest, Zona Taxi successfully cooperates with a few other dominant taxi companies so that we could provide a fast and flawless service for our passengers. The partner companies use a similarly favorable scale of charges and also provide sophisticated service.

Our company’s most important interest is to achieve the satisfaction of our customers in terms of service and rates and we are hoping to build a long term partnership, which is based on mutual confidence.

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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